Setting Up at the Mandeville Farmers Market

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Mandeville Farmers Market

Hard work pays off big time in this business! I’d do it all over again if I had to.

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My Plexus Slim Story at the Mandeville Trailhead in SE Louisiana

The Mandeville Trailhead Farmers Community Market experience is one that has helped me grow in my business and, make a lasting impression on those that have seen me month after month working my Plexus business. The Farmers Market is a fun place to visit on Saturday’s. If you are looking for a fun time to relax and check out all the vendors booths at the market; then you’re in for a treat.

Each Saturday vendors from all areas come out to market their crafts, handmade products, produce, retail items, and so much more. This has been a great experience for me to show that I am diligent in working my business and helping people to learn more about my amazing products.

When I started setting up my Plexus Slim booth in February 2012, I must admit that it was a slow start and not many people knew about that Plexus Slim products. Months of setting up at the market with all my Plexus Slim products, full video for my presentation, free samples of the Plexus Pink Drink,  and making sure that I had a brochure in every person’s hand that passed by.

Through a lot of hard work and perseverance I did not give up. Week after week I would see the same patrons stop by my booth to taste the pink drink and hear my presentation. As a child coming up, I was taught that nothing happens overnight and; if you want something you have to work hard for it.  The days, weeks and months went by quick and from the looks of it things appeared to be working out as I hoped. Finally, the same person I had been talking to week after week wanted to purchase some products.  To my surprise all my hard work paid off and then I had new preferred customers online, retail customers and new Plexus Slim Ambassadors signing up in my business.

I love interacting with people and helping them get healthy. “The Plexus Slim products are not just about being Skinny, it’s about becoming Healthy.” From that day my Plexus Slim business became a vital part of The Mandeville Trailhead Market experience. Since then I have had other rep’s from other teams that wanted to stop by and get pointers from me on working the Plexus business.

These methods has helped me in generating leads and, more sales then I have had gotten in the past. The Plexus products are sold worldwide and basically sales itself as the products are one of the top number one weight loss and pain relief products on the market today. What are you waiting for? A year from now you will wish you had started TODAY!

Plexus Slim Is Paying Off

The hours seemed to be long as I would set up my booth at 7:30 am and not take down my booth until 1:00pm. I was determined not to give up but to keep going to the trailhead, and educating the people on the importance of getting healthy by losing weight, lowering blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and lower glucose. My thought was if one person took the information I gave them and used it then that would be well worth my time I spent telling people about the product.

There are not many products on the market that has all this health benefits and can guarantee a 60 day money back guarantee if you have not achieve any of the benefits. Plexus Slim is an excellent product that works to curb the appetite and help you to eat less and lose the weight. Plexus Slim starts working on the inside. Some testimonials of users have seen instant results within 3 to 5 days and others it may take a little longer but they do see results. I know that I didn’t put my weight on overnight and I know that I can’t take it off overnight.

Take The Plexus Slim Challenge

I encourage everyone to challenge yourselves in starting today to make a difference in your own life because this one choice you make will make a world of difference in your tomorrow. The Plexus slim business has been the easiest business to work and I enjoy telling people about my weight loss and how it has helped me as well. Before I started Plexus Slim products I had acid reflex, hypoglycemic, and suffered with Lactose intolerance.

Since I started using all of the Plexus Slim products I am happy to report that not only have I lost 35 pounds and 8 inches from my waist but, I feel great. I am able to do things that I haven’t done in years. I can walk 3 miles without even breaking a big sweat and pass out. (lol) The Mandeville Trailhead is an opportunity for me to help others to become healthy and begin living a healthy lifestyle. I will continue this journey to spread the word to all stating with One Plexus Slim Pink Drink At A Time. “One Pink Drink A Day Melts The Pounds Away.” Today, I am happy to report that not only have I lost weight but, I got paid doing so. Check out my Plexus Review at

A little about me and Plexus Slim

I am a Gold Plexus Slim Ambassador and on my way to Senior Gold. I found that with a little work and being consistent in the business that you can accomplish a lot. Getting a rewarding business started on a shoestring is a reality for me. Actually for a couple of hundred bucks you can be in business marketing America’s #1 selling weight loss product.

When you have a great product it tends to sell itself. So many times people get into a home business and have a weak product. I say weak because most of the time the products are hyped up and are not really a true representation of what you are getting. Here at Plexus Slim we do not hype up our products because we do not have to, they work without the hype! You get steady repeat business week in and week out and you feel good about what you are doing.

I have been blessed to see people that have lost weight and lowered their blood sugar come by and thank me for telling them about Plexus Slim. That kind of good feeling you can’t put a dollar value on it. To be able to help people and make money doing it at the same time is fantastic.

Come by my booth at the Mandeville Trailhead and try a FREE Sample of Plexus Slim.

You will find me or a person from my team there every Saturday.

For more information feel free to contact me at 985-705-7185 at  or

**These statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases.**

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See You Saturday,

Ruth Hart

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  1. Lorretta Holmes says:

    Do you let anybody set up at the trailhead? Are is it just for your team?

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    • join2829 says:

      Thank you for commenting on my site. Yes the Mandeville Trailhead Community Market is pet friendly and all pets should be on a leash at the market. Please stop by and visit my site and check out my Plexus Slim products. See you there!


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