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Plexus – 10 Ways to Earn Income with Plexus – Lose Weight and Make Money with your own Home Business

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Posted on November 6, 2012 by Ruth Hart

Plexus Slim Weight Loss Home Business Opportunity

Plexus Slim has a wonderful home business opportunity available for everybody that would like to get involved. Many people start out taking the product and then when they see the results they decide to get started in the home business side of Plexus Slim. This is probably one of the best home businesses that I have seen in many years.

Let me say this first. This is a network marketing business. Now that I have said that I will now say that Plexus Slim is one of the best network marketing businesses to come around in years. They actually pay out a great sum of money in their compensation plan. Just in the wholesale/retail part of the business a person can make a very good amount of money. When you sell a 30 day kit you will make to $plus the company pays you a 15% to 25% on your volume of purchased products that you sell. So, on the retail of a 30 day kit of Plexus Slim and Accelerator you can make $ if you have over a certain monthly volume for any given month. This is just one part of the compensation plan.

The Breakdown on Commissions –

Please note that I have explained this compensation plan in my own words and it may vary somewhat from the actual companies plan only in explanation and using different terms. In some cases I’m referring to people as just doing retail sales and making a profit from just that. I have learned in my years in business that some people do not want to build a team of people under them to sell products and that they would just like and prefer to sell the products themselves. Plexus Slim has made this a profitable business for people to do just that.

So with that said I want to open my doors up to all in this business.

-First I welcome all my Network Marketer friends and fellow business builders.

-Second I want to say I Love the Retail Sales People! If you want to join my team and just sell product and make the difference between wholesale and retail I more than welcome you to do just that. You can make a very good income doing just that. I admire a good sales person and with a loyal customer base I can see you doing very well in the retail side. This is just an estimate but if you have 10 customers a month buying the Plexus Slim Kit (Slim plus Accelerator) from you, you will be making about $xxx a month. Sell the Slim Kits and make money $$. Most people should easily get ten or more sales a month. Many people starting out have gotten 25 sales or more in their first month. I did it so I know it can be done by you also. You have customers everywhere you go just waiting for you to show them this product.

-Third I have got to say this: If your a Network Marketer plus a Retail Sales person,,, you are going to LOVE this business. You will find Plexus Slim to be a gold mine! Really,,, it’s just that good. This is the best Network Marketing opportunity that I have ever been in. No other company even comes close. I have achieved more in one month then what it took me to do in a year in other companies I was in. Plexus Slim is still in the basement as far as network marketing companies go. This company is getting ready to break loose and when it does it will be like a tidal wave. Everyone in the network marketing business will want to be in this company. It’s going to happen in such a big way and you have the chance to be here when it happens.

OK let’s get on with the Commission Breakdown

There are many ways to earn income in the Plexus Compensation Plan

1). The Plexus Slim Compensation Plan is a very unique plan that can not be compared to any other I have seen on today’s market. The Makers of Plexus has given us products that WORK and, with these life changing products the compensation plan  has helped changed the industry as we know it in the payment breakdown of the compensation plan. I have outlined the Plexus Slim marketing mechanics below….

2).  All Plexus Ambassador’s can play a part in profit-sharing of the from the detailed outline of the compensation plan. Plexus Ambassadors can share in the sales volume of at least 50% in volume. Below I have an idea demonstration of the compensation plan the will be distributed among the Plexus Ambassador’s.

3). (BBB) Refers to the Business Builders Bonus- Once a new Ambassador joins Plexus, one can then purchase a “Welcome Pack” with little start-up. The welcome packs are a great way to get a new rep and his/her Plexus Business started with optimum pricing of the Plexus Products that is only offered at sign up.  The Welcome Pack Kits is paid back to the ambassadors in the Buisness Building Bonus which depends upon the package the ambassador buys. The payout is listed in the order of the sponsor receives a bonus of 50% for the new Ambassador, then the amounts of 25% , 15%, and 10% will then be paid to the up-line for the 3 Ambassador’s qualified above the sponsor. Plexus Welcome Pack are a great incentive as the packs start at $99 and $199. When I joined I ordered the $199 welcome pack and I had a return profit by the third day on two of the 30 day Combo Kits.

4). The One Time Achievement Bonus- refers to Ambassadors achieving different ranks in Plexus which allows the Ambassador to receive the bonus weekly or monthly. Please refer to my compensation plan video link to get a full detailed breakdown of the plan as each amount can vary.

5). The Plexus Fast Start Achievement Bonus- Is a great plan as well that is designated for Gold, Sr. Gold, Ruby, Sr. Ruby in the first 30 days after the initial enrollment in the Plexus Slim company as a Plexus Ambassador. One can double his/her achievement bonus for that period.

6). The Plexus Profit Sharing- helps with building ones business as we all know that this does takes time as it depends on if you work your business full-time or part-time. Today, Ambassadors are adding the profit-sharing by increasing the number of ambassadors in the Plexus business. To date all around the world there are over 40,000 Plexus Ambassadors. Now who would not want to be apart of a growing business like this? Each Newly Qualified Ambassador within ones team can help to increase the profit-sharing and receive Plexus Shares.

Again, these numbers are based on the rank of the Ambassador. Plexus tally’s up the share points at end of the month, and the ambassador’s are paid on the 15th of each month. The number of Plexus Shares an ambassador have accumulated for the month will be paid to the ambassador. Again, to increase ones business equals to more shares and more ambassador’s which in turn brings more profit-sharing for all. The points are calculated down 7 levels, and are compressed. This just sums up like being paid on multiple levels 7 levels down. A true level will compress a level that does not qualify for the month. Please check my compensation link for a more in-depth review of the plan.

Click here for the full Compensation Plan

Retail Profits:

As an Ambassador you can purchase Plexus products at wholesale pricing and then resale then at retail. With the Plexus Slim Pink Drink Product you can buy it in larger quantities and get a discount on the regular wholesale price. The savings can really add up with a large customer base. When you introduce others to our products and they make a purchase and become a customer, you will earn the profits between wholesale and retail pricing. Many Ambassadors choose to build a large customer base to sell their products to and never actually try to get other people into the business as Ambassadors. There are times when people like the products so much that they ask the person selling the product to them if there are openings in the company for them to sell the products. Most Ambassadors are welcome to these people to come on board because each new Ambassador that they bring into the business will only grow their business. This new person is worth 5 points toward the profit-sharing bonus plus other commissions and bonuses are paid out.

Retail Commissions: These are paid on your Personal Sales Volume over $$$, and the reward is 15%-25% depending on the total volume accumulated over the month. Please refer to the compensation plan summary to see the retail reward schedule.

Retail Over-ride Commissions: You will earn a 5% Sales over-ride on any Personal Sales Volume over $100.00 in your organization, 1 fully compressed level below you.

Preferred Customer Program: Preferred customers agree to receive Auto Qualification (can cancel any time) at a reduced retail price. You are paid specific dollar amounts for each of these in place. These customers also count toward your personal sales volume so you can earn additional Retail Rewards. Please see the compensation plan summary for additional details

Emerald Pool Bonus: The emerald pool is funded with 3% of the company’s monthly sales volume and divided among emerald pool qualified Ambassadors. If no one qualifies for the emerald pool the money is added to the profit-sharing program. Please see compensation plan summary for qualification details.

Diamond Pool Bonus: The diamond pool is funded with 2% of the company’s monthly sales volume and divided among diamond pool qualified Ambassadors. If no one qualifies for the diamond pool the money is added to the profit-sharing program. Please see compensation plan summary for qualification details.

**These statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases.**

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