My Review of -What’s The Slim of Plexus Slim

Plexus Changing LivesMy Review of -What’s The Slim of Plexus Slim

Today, if you search the internet one will find all sorts of Plexus Slim reviews of users and non-users opinions of the Plexus products. But, how do we really know if the reviews are actual are just one’s way of submitting a story to down a particular product? I wanted to add my reviews/thoughts to the many that has surfaced on the internet and give you some of my simple truths about Plexus Slim. My review started back in January 2012 once I was first introduced to the products by some of my co-workers that were actually using the products. At the time we our own biggest loser contest in the office with a cash prize of $250 to the person that lost the most weight/body fat in a 6 week period.

Each week we each would weigh in and our numbers will be charted and tracked. Little did I know that a couple of ladies were losing weight at an alarming rate and we also noticed that neither of them was watching what they were eating. After a little investigating I soon learned that the two were using Plexus Slim pink drink and Accelerator and they were losing inches and I wanted that amazing products that were giving them those results. After trying a 3 day decision pack I soon realized that I wanted to be a part of this business and help others become aware of the benefits of using these products. So, here I am 13 months later I am an Plexus Slim Independent Ambassador, and I have lost 38 pounds and 6 inches from my waist and I feel great. You can too by joining my team today click here

The Start of Plexus Slim…

The Plexus Slim Company started and is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. The company started the Plexus Worldwide Company in 2005 and out of this creation Plexus Slim was formed after doing scientific research on how to reduce the blood sugar glucose levels with a select of patients that suffered with diabetes. The products went on the market in 2009. Through this research the research were amazing as this household name Plexus Slim came into existence as the research patients were closely monitored for two years while using the products. Plexus researchers noticed that some of the patients were losing weight at a fast rate and others at a slow rate. The Plexus Accelerator was added to help boost the weight loss in the patients; and then the inches, and pounds were lost on those patients at a slow weight loss rate.

The Way Plexus Slim Works?

Plexus Slim works by balancing the blood sugar, lowering the blood pressure, lowering the cholesterol, and help one to lose fat and not muscles while losing inches. If you are like me and have tried every product on the shelf that only gave you little or no results then you are not alone. Each day people spend hundreds of dollars on products that claim to give one all of these health benefits and only to find out it is just another scam. Plexus Slim helps to jump-start ones weight loss all by giving more energy to do the many things we each love and that spending time with our family. From my point of view on the products I’ve noticed that if I used the products daily and eat in moderation I feel fuller and not crave all the things that I use to that I know was not good for me to eat.

What Can These Products Do For You?

Plexus Slim has some great products on the market that can help one in all areas that are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Feel free to visit my site at to find out more on products and descriptions of the products to decide where you would like to start your journey. I am available to answer any questions you may have about the products, and how the Plexus Slim Combo kit that contains Plexus Slim pink drink and Accelerator is the best start for quick weight loss.

Want To Become An Plexus Ambassador?

Plexus Worldwide offers a variety of ways to earn a great income in the Plexus business as an Independent Plexus Ambassador. The profit sharing rewards are a great way to help one build a home business and make a substantial monthly income all at the comforts of your home. Need more information on being a Plexus Ambassador? Click here If you are looking to start your home business give me a call 985.705.7185 and I will help you get on track to building your business today!

Try this, before the start of the products

  • Buy a 3 day decision pack
  • Weight yourself
  • Take full body measurements of your body
  • Be confident in yourself
  • Be consistent in using the products daily
  • Mix the power pack in a 12-16 ounce bottle of water
  • Take the products 20-30 minutes before eating, or if you can’t take anything without eating first take 20 minutes after you eat. Unlike me morning works best for me after a small breakfast.
  • Complete each of the 3 day samples
  • On the 3rd day weight yourself again and see your results.
  • Then, WOW it does works!


Want to find out more? Call me and I will show you what Plexus Slim can do for you. Let’s get started today- Click here above and use ID # 81607.


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