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plexusSlimAccelMy Plexus Slim Story

Hello my name is Ruth Hart, and I am a Plexus Slim Independent Gold Ambassador. I made this Plexus Slim word press site to share with others the benefits of using Plexus Slim products. My goal is to help all people that want to make a difference in their health by making the right choices of knowing which products to purchase. Yes, I know that we sometimes become skeptical of new things and products, but that’s understandable. Plexus Slim was introduced to me by a friend that heard from a friend of these amazing products that actually produce results. I started with a three-day trial pack and I was excited because I had then lost 3 pounds and thought wow this stuff does work. After being on the product for the first 4-6 weeks I had lost 21 pounds and thought this cannot be true. If you’re like me and have tried many products you would have to think twice about another wonder product. With Plexus Slim Pink Drink and Accelerator I saw results and I loved it. When others around you see a change in you and hear them commenting you it’s a great feeling and everyone needs to have an esteem boast with some positive results like Plexus Slim. The WordPress site offers many great tools to enhance your page, and allow me to give viewers some great information on the amazing Plexus Slim products.

If you are wanting to start your Plexus Slim journey then look no further click here and you too can experience what these Plexus Slim products can do for you. Also, if you prefer to buy on a monthly basis you can sign up to be a preferred customer and get the products at a lower rate. You can also purchase products from me retail as I deliver to all areas within a 50 miles radius of their home. I always keep the products in stock and they are ready for delivery.

Plexus Slim Product Information

Plexus Slim is a powder that comes in small packets that are about a half inches wide andPlexus Slim Single Serve 3 inches long that one can carry in your purse are briefcase. See the picture below of the product. To open the packet just tear off the perfo9rated top and pour the contents into a 12-16 bottle of water, or your Plexus Slim shaker bottle with water. Shake the product real good and it will turn to a pretty clear pink color that has a pleasant taste without the aftertaste. The women in my area call it “The PINK Drink”. It is best taken in the morning along with the accelerator pill is all natural caffeine that consist of green tea, red tea, and dark chocolate which is the equivalents of one cup of dark coffee. I often tell people if they have a problem with taking pills early in the morning. I would ask you to eat a sensible breakfast, or you may use the new Plexus 96 meal replacement that is loaded with 20 vitamins and minerals. Then wait till 9 am and take the Plexus Pink drink and Accelerator and have a good day after that. Each person has their personal preferences as how they want to take the products and the method can vary from person to person. The Plexus Accelerator is usually taken early in the morning because it is the stimulants in the product that helps to boast the metabolism and gives one the energy throughout the day. The Plexus Pink Drink has no stimulants and is all natural, as it is built a low glycemic diet, and is a great starter product for one with Diabetes that wants to help maintain their blood sugars. Start today

When I started using the Plexus slim products I were Hypoglycemic which cause my blood sugar to drop in the low 40′s to 50 in the morning which made me feel real bad. Not knowing what the cause were that was causing me to feel sweaty, light-headed, and even clammy. After seeking medical attention and blood work it was determined that I suffered with low blood. And I needed to take an Iron pill and eat foods to build my blood. My blood work indicated that I had a low (H&H) Hemoglobin and Hematocrit in medical terms. I was advised to eat all types of green leafy foods, take Iron pills, eat fish, liver, beets all the yucky stuff that we think is bad. So, I started that Plexus Slim and as of today I have not had any more problems with my blood sugar dropping and have now I am proud to say that my glucose have been balanced with the use of my Plexus slim products.

Weight Loss With Plexus Slim Products

Today, there are many people that do not know about these great Plexus Slim products that are changing many peoples lives daily. If you are someone you know need to know more about these products, call me or the ambassador that has introduced you to these Plexus Slim products and start your weight loss journey today. I know that the weight does not comes on over night, and it will not come off over night. In order to get results one must work hard for them and changing the way they eat, and live and these are the key components to a healthier lifestyle. Being a Plexus Ambassador allows me to reach people in all areas, and by sharing my story of what Plexus has done for me. Please read through my pages and click on my order link to listen to all the testimonials that so many people have shared of there success on Plexus Slim products.

Lastly, if you are wanting to be apart of a great team to work the Plexus Slim cold and warm markets. Then join my team as I am looking for rep’s in all areas. I will work with you to help you get your business growing and generating leads. I hold weekly meetings as well as set up at the the local Trail-head Community Market. Come out and see what Plexus can do for you. Join today!

**These statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases.**

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