How I Avoided Weight Gain for the Holiday’s

How I Avoided Weight Gain for the Holiday’s

During this time of the year it is easy to put on the pounds. But, we all know just how hard it is to get it off. Many of us can’t resist all the tasty foods and sweets like mom use to make.  Foods like eggnog, cookies, pies, and stuffing’s.  And let’s not forget about the tempting sweet that comes to your workplace. We all know that during this time of the year we all love to gather with good food and laugh and reminisce of old times and new ones. But, what are you going to do this year to keep the extra unwanted pounds away?

We all know that it is not easy to portion control the foods you eat during the holidays as there always so many good things to choose from; and to try them all would be the right choice. We’ll that may not be the right choice to make. One should not fall into the trap of overeating for the holidays. But, rather learn good portion control over the foods that surrounds us.

When I go to family gatherings during the holiday’s I try plan ahead and not go to a gathering or party hungry as this only leads to overeating the things one do not need. Eating a nutritious snack before going out. Drink a glass of water before you start to fill up your plate on unhealthy foods, and treats.  I know that this method might not give you the pleasure of indulging in those mouth-watering sweets but, it will save pounds from being added to ones hips. Remember portion is the key to keep the holiday weight gain at bay. I have included a few tips to remember before you overindulge in all the irresistible holiday treats.

1. Never leave home hungry

Try to plan ahead if you know you are going out for the evening, or to a party but eating a healthy nutritious snack. Drink water before you eat.

2.  Don’t focus on the food

When you’re out at parties or family gathering’s be sure to enjoy talking and mingling with people instead of hanging out at the desert table.

3. Self-control

Maintain self-control around all the tasty treats and foods but, fill up on veggies first and chew slower.

4. Stay away from Buffet tables

When foods are served in a buffet-style use a small plate and do not stack your food. This will help you to limit the portions and again put more veggies or fruits on your plate.

5. Get active

The most important part of keeping the holiday weight off is to get active and start a regular exercise routine to help you burn extra calories.  Exercises like running, kick-boxing, cardio, walking, are just do a simple Zumba class at home with a without DVD.

6. Limit yourself

Keep count of the snacks or hors d’oevres you eat by keeping the toothpicks in a napkin.  Only eat one small cookie and continue to drink water instead of wine. Never go back for seconds..

7. Try the Luck 7

Make sure that you are eating at least seven healthy servings of fruits and veggies each day is a great way to fill up your stomach and stop the food cravings to over eat. The fiber in the fruits and vegetables will fill you up faster and you will not want to eat those tempting sweets.

8. Sit to eat

We all know that when you stand and eat you never know how much food one is consuming and tends to eat more standing. Make healthy choices..

9. Be picky

Pick and choose which foods to eat. Also, pick or choose the cocktail drink you’re going to drink. If you drink a cocktail then skip the dessert or vice versa. This method will help to keep things in balance for you.

10. Don’t starve yourself

Always eat a healthy breakfast and have a sensible snack throughout the day.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my ways of how to avoid weight gain for the holidays. Also, you can continue to follow me at or to find out more on ways to cut out the holiday fat and control your weight.

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